Welcome to The Friarsgate Practice

We are a thriving, enthusiastic and friendly Primary Care General Practice based in Winchester, Hampshire. Our professional and personal patient-focused care is available to the whole community of Winchester and surrounding areas via our surgeries in three locations: Weeke, Badger Farm and Kings Worthy.

In addition to our excellent team of GPs we have an in-house team of health professionals to help you with every aspect of your healthcare. A warm welcome awaits you whether you are one of our registered patients or looking to register with The Friarsgate Practice. Please call us on 01962 871730.

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Pertussis (whooping cough) immunisation for pregnant women

The optimal time for vaccinating against Pertussis is 28-32 weeks gestation and vaccinating past 38 weeks pregnancy is unlikely to be as effective as antibody levels in the vaccinated woman will not peak until around two weeks after the vaccination.
> Maternity care

Research in General Practice

The Practice has registered with the Primary Care Research Network (South West) to take part in research projects. The aim of the Primary Care Research Network is to support better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of health related conditions through research in a primary care setting.

Why do research here?

Becoming a research active practice benefits everybody. It is recognised, that research helps develop better treatments and improves people's health. It can also help the development and ultimately the service provided by the Practice.

There are lots of different research studies but they can be grouped in to three types:

  • Questionnaires – help us find out what would make a difference to a diagnosis or treatment
  • Epidemiological – where a patient has agreed to share information held in their patient Record to allow researches to spot patterns which may help to understand illness and treatment
  • Clinical trials – a patient agrees to participate in a trial to test how an intervention may help a patient and their treatment

For further information please contact Annette Young, deputy practice manager, who is coordinating the studies taking place at the Practice.

How to register

New patients are welcome at any of our three surgeries: Friarsgate, Badger Farm and Kings Worthy.

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The Friarsgate Practice Patient Reference Group

Survey Results

The results of the 2014 patient survey are now in, thank you to all of you who have taken part. We have compared this year's responses with the results that we collected over the last few years.

> View the comparisons (PDF)

 We have also compiled a Patient Participation report that includes details such as of the formation of the Friarsgate PRG, areas of priority agreed by the PRG, survey methods, suggested areas for change.

> Access the Patient Participation DES report (PDF)

The Friarsgate Practice 'Virtual' Patient Reference Group (PRG) is always pleased to have new members.

If you would like to join either the main or the virtual PRG, please let us know by printing out and completing the form that you can access here:
> PRG Member Questionnaire

You can return it by attaching it to an email and sending it to:

Alternatively, if you prefer, drop it in to us at any of our surgeries or post it to us.

Summary Care Records

A Summary Care Record (SCR) is an electronic record, which contains information about the medicines you take, allergies you suffer from and any bad reactions to medicines you have had.

Having this information stored in one place makes it easier for healthcare staff to treat you in an emergency, or if your GP practice is closed.

If you do not wish to have your data uploaded as a Summary Care Record, please complete this form and return it to the Practice. We will ensure that the correct codes are in place within your electronic medical record to prevent upload. A copy of your signed form will be retained electronically by the Practice as evidence of your preferences.

> Opt out form (PDF)

Follow the links below for more in-depth information regarding Summary Care Records.

> About SCR
> Patient information leaflet (PDF)


Under the new Health and Social Care Act, GP practices will soon be required to supply data to the Health & Social Care Information Centre.

This differs from the information provided to form a Summary Care Record and is sent to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) and will be used to plan and improve services for all patients.

Information will be extracted electronically from the Practice in a form that can identify you. The Practice has to provide this information. However, individual patients can instruct us to stop the transfer of their data. If you choose to opt out of having your data uploaded, you need to let us know and your electronic notes will be coded to stop the data being sent.

There are important differences between allowing the NHS to use your information for planning and research and the Summary Care Record (SCR). The SCR may be used by any health professional in the country to provide you with care. If you have chosen not to have a SCR this does not automatically mean you also wish to stop the use of your information being used to improve health services.

> Care.data Opt out Form (PDF)
> Patient Leaflet (PDF)

Pick up a leaflet from the Practice or follow the links below for more in-depth information regarding Care.data.

> How sharing information in your medical records can help the NHS to provide better care
> Health & Social Care Information Centre