Patient Participation Group

We would like to encourage our patients to join our Patient Participation Group. It is led by a small Steering Group of patient volunteers. Through membership of this group the Practice would like to find out your ideas on how you might feel our service could be improved and also those areas that are working well and should be continued.

Although we ask our PPG membership to fill in a short survey annually, the PPG continues to operate throughout the year. It is led by a small Steering Group of willing patient volunteers that meet regularly, but that group would like ideas, suggestions and information, from as many patients as possible in order to represent the widest possible patient interests. An effective PPG can empower patients, support the Practice and lead to the maintenance of high quality responsive services. Should you wish to know more, do please get involved.

There is no specific requirement for involvement, you can remain on the end of an email simply receiving emailed news and information which you can comment on and let us know your views. Or, you could get more involved with ad hoc events as they arise if they are of particular interest to you.

And, of course, you can email at any time to let us know you no longer wish to be involved and we will delete your email from the mailing list.

To participate, please complete the following application form: