Help to stop smoking


Our local NHS stop smoking service is Quit4Life, providing friendly, effective help for anyone who would like to kick the habit. No matter how long you have been smoking or how many times you have tried before you will benefit from giving up - and Quit4Life makes it a lot easier! We are fortunate to have a Quit4Life adviser offering weekly appointments at the surgery on Thursday afternoons, 4.30-6.30pm. She can guide you through the whole process - getting ready to quit, discussing medication options, arranging the supply of your chosen stop smoking products and providing regular support and encouragement until you are confident about remaining smoke free. Feedback from regular monitoring of your carbon monoxide levels will also help demonstrate how quickly your body starts to benefit from stopping completely. Even if you are not sure whether you are ready to make a quit attempt we would urge you to have a chat to find out what they offer. To speak to an adviser or make an appointment ring 0845 6024663 or go to quite4life for more information.