Have you tried our Health POD in Friarsgate Weeke reception?

You can use it for:

1. Blood pressure- use the blood pressure monitoring machine to give you your current blood pressure.

2. Asthma- a series of questions about how your asthma currently affects you.

3. Audit Alcohol last 12 months- Alcohol usage questions.

4. Audit C Alcohol short- Alcohol usage questions short version.

5. Feedback- Feedback on how easy the BP/ Health POD is to use.

6. Height and weight- Scales by the POD and height measurement equipment between the patient toilets in the yellow area will help you enter accurate information to correlate a correct BMI.

7. Smoking- takes you through a few questions in regard to your smoking habits.

If you are not sure how to use the POD just ask at reception and they will be happy to assist you