Research at Friarsgate

At the Friarsgate Practice we consider your health and wellbeing to be of the utmost importance and are therefore involved in high-quality medical research through the Primary Care Research Network within the NHS National Institute for Health Research. We think conducting high-quality clinical research, will enable us to keep improving NHS care, patient health and wellbeing. Research aims to find out which treatments work best allowing us to better plan for the future in areas such as management of patient’s long term medical conditions, disease prevention and early diagnosis. Improving Patient care for the better.

We are accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners. Also a member of the Clinical Research network, working under the governance of NHS National Institute for Health Research.

Why do research here?

Becoming a research active practice benefits everybody. It is recognised, that research helps develop better treatments and improves people's health. It can also help the development and ultimately the service provided by the Practice.

There are lots of different research studies but they can be grouped in to three types:

  • Questionnaires – help us find out what would make a difference to a diagnosis or treatment
  • Epidemiological – where a patient has agreed to share information held in their patient Record to allow researches to spot patterns which may help to understand illness and treatment
  • Clinical trials – a patient agrees to participate in a trial to test how an intervention may help a patient and their treatment

Research is voluntary and can be very rewarding, we use carefully selected information from patient's records to invite the most appropriate patients who could possibly benefit the most from particular research studies, Here at The Friarsgate Practice take our responsibility to patient confidentially very seriously and seek your consent before enrolling you into a study. If you do chose to take part in any of our studies and then feel that you would like to withdraw, this is possible at any point and will not affect your care you are given now or in the future.

We look forward to the many research studies, which are available to our patients, and working with you to improve care.

Here are a few of the research studies we are currently involved in.

Taking part in a clinical research study is voluntary and can be a rewarding experience.

If you have any questions about the studies we offer or feel you would like to be considered to take part in a research study Please contact our research team at The Friarsgate Practice on 01962 871730.