Save the date 50-64 year old flu vaccinations December 2020

Due to circumstances out of the practices control we were unable to start vaccinating patients aged 50-64 at the beginning of November 2020.

The NHS are awaiting further guidance from the Department of health and social care and are unable to proceed with the vaccination programme until this is received.

We are planning on holding our first 50-64 year olds flu clinic on Saturday 5th December 2020 and then further clinics thereafter.

Over the coming days we will text patients with a date and time for their vaccination appointment, when you are given an appointment date/time please make sure you attend . We hope that our patients will appreciate this is a huge undertaking for the practice to vaccinate a further 3000 patients and that patients will stick to the dates and times given. If a patient really can’t make the appointment they will need to contact the practice and use the automated system to rearrange this appointment, they will be given a specific code to do this.

We must make patients aware that there is still a chance these clinics will not go a head if we do receive guidance from the Department of Health and Social Care.  If this is the case the practice will of course contact patients booked in for an appointment.