When you are living away from home, you may be very worried if you become ill and go straight to A&E – BUT you should ONLY attend A&E in an emergency!

If you feel ill and require URGENT medical attention please contact us at the GP practice on 01962 871730 – appointments are available each day.

The Friarsgate Practice works with the University of Winchester, Sparsholt College and St Swithun’s School to promote the health of students.

Medical Cover @ UoW

The Friarsgate Practice holds regular GP surgeries on-campus at the University of Winchester for all students who are registered with us. GPs and a nurse are at the university on a weekly basis for pre-booked appointments that take place in the medical room located in the Main Building within the Student Services department.

To make an appointment please call 01962 871730, during Friarsgate surgery opening hours, and speak to one of the reception team. Tell them that you are at the university and that you would like to make an appointment with a GP on-campus. Please note that there is no walk-in appointment capacity.

If you are not registered with the Friarsgate Practice, please visit our 'how to register' page for details.

Do you need more of the Pill?
Make an appointment to come and see our nurse, who is on site regularly during term time. To make your appointment call us on 01962 871730.

> Visit the University of Winchester website

Medical Cover @ Sparsholt College

A dedicated clinic is held, once a week during term time, at the Friarsgate surgery for Sparsholt students. Appointments can be made via the college nurse or by contacting the Friarsgate Practice reception team on 01962 871730.

The college nurse is available on campus each morning, during the week and you can see her if the need arises.

> Visit the Sparsholt College website

Medical cover @ St Swithun's School

Dr Hannah Ingram Evans attends St Swithun’s every week during term time to hold a surgery. You are also able to make appointments at our main surgery in Weeke, if you need to by contacting the Friarsgate Practice reception team on 01962 871730.

Paulette May is the school nurse. Paulette, who is based at the school, is available for all your health needs.

Visit the St. Swithun's School website

The Friarsgate Practice

Our main surgery is located in Weeke and we have an additional surgery in Badger Farm (view on a map) and you are free to make appointments at either of these surgeries by phoning 01962 871730.

Out of Hours

If you need medical attention outside of surgery hours please ring the Out of Hours service on 111.

Remember – only use Accident & Emergency if it is an emergency.

Contraception Advice

The Practice provides contraceptive care that is CONFIDENTIAL. Our very experienced nurses provide a large part of our contraceptive care.   The Practice can provide all methods of contraception including coils and implants.

If you have any concerns about a sexually acquired disease please contact our nursing team.

Emergency Contraception

The Practice provides a same day service for emergency contraception that is effective 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. When you ring the practice there is no need to say what you are ringing about. Just ask to speak to the triage team about a confidential matter – they will be happy to help you.

There is also a Sexual Health Clinic located at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital that is available for contraception advice and screening.  Please contact them on 0300 300 2016 lines open from 9.00am.

Chlamydia Screening

We offer free, confidential Chlamydia screening for all patients aged 16-24. You can have this done once every year or if you change sexual partners.  One of the Practice nursing team will be available during the registration process for students who would like to take up the opportunity to be screened.  Alternatively, you can speak to any member of the Practice Team to request a screening pack or ask a GP or nurse when you next visit if you prefer to do the test at home.

Your sexual health is very important and the Practice strongly recommends that you are screened regularly.

Travel Clinic

The Practice provides a Travel Clinic, where advice and immunisations are available.

If you are taking a trip abroad for a holiday or your gap year, please book in to our Travel advice clinic. The Practice Nurse will look at your itinerary and suggest to you the immunisations that suit your plans.

Many vaccinations and Malaria tablets can be taken at the last minute although for longer trips to remote areas we recommend you book an appointment 6-8 weeks in advance. We carry a full range of vaccines in stock. (Some incur a charge.)

Binge Drinking

Do you know all the facts about binge drinking?

If you drink more than the recommended daily allowance this constitutes binge drinking. 

The NHS recommends:

  • Men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units a day.
  • Women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day.

'Regularly' means drinking these amounts every day or most days of the week.

What is a unit?
1 glass of red wine (270ml) 12% = 3 units
1 pint of Fosters = 2.27 units
1 25ml Vodka = 1 unit
1 pint of Strongbow = 2.56 units
For further information visit
(This information is courtesy of NHS Choices website

Patient Reference Group

If you would like to involved in the Patient Reference Group, which meets several times throughout the year, please contact either Eileen (Patient Liaison) on 01962 871730.

Useful Links:

The Hampshire Local Involvement Network (LINk)