Online Access for Patients

Online access to appointments, repeat prescriptions and some aspects of your medical record are provided to our patients via the Patient Access system.

After you register for Patient Access, you can book, view or cancel your appointments, order repeat prescriptions and update your contact details. It is quick and easy to use and a Patient Access App is also available for use with a mobile phone or tablet.

You need to be registered to use the service.

Please note: To use this service, 2 proofs of ID will be required to be brought into the surgery (one of which must be photo ID). Those registering for this service online without a letter provided by the surgery will be required to bring proof of ID into the surgery within 2 weeks of registering. Failure to do so will result in the registration request being rejected.

Click here for Help, Registration, or Sign-in to the Patient Access system.

Patient Facing Services

Did you know that from 1 April patients can apply for access to aspects of their medical records through their GP practice?

The Friarsgate team have been working hard to provide this for our patients and, if you would like to apply for this access you will need to come into the surgery with two forms of identification. One of these should have your photo (eg driving licence or passport) and a second should show your current address (eg a utility bill) but cannot be a mobile phone bill. Please download and print off the form below and bring this in completed. The information sheet should also be printed off and read before you apply.

Your application will be processed by the practice and your GP will determine whether he feels it is appropriate for you to have this access, therefore protecting the more vulnerable of our patients. Once your application has been successful you will be sent a login code and you will register for, or sign in to, the normal Access system via our website.

There are some things that you will need to be aware of:

Prior to August 2014 the software system used at Friarsgate was not compatible with this new access. Therefore there may be some missing information around that time.

Information prior to 1992, when records became computerised, will have been entered manually by an administrator as a summary of information held in paper records.


Although you may have had a lengthy and involved consultation, this may not be reflected in the information you see on screen. Key points from the consultation, eg symptoms or diagnosis will be visible as these are coded into the system whereas free text is not. All information is available to the doctor accessing your records in the surgery but is not pulled through to the patient facing service.


You will be able to view blood test results once they have been seen by the doctor and an appropriate comment applied. Do not be alarmed if your result appears to be outside of the normal range – your doctor may know that this is normal for you or due to medications you are taking etc – if they have marked it as normal then you can be reassured that this is the case.

You will be able to see detailed results of x-rays, scans etc and you should be aware that these will be in clinical detail and may use terms you are not familiar with. Your doctor will have seen these results and discussed them with you or are aware of the contents already. No result will be made available to a patient until the doctor has viewed it.

Please note that any results coming through to the surgery via our electronic link with the hospital will show as being entered ‘externally’.

At the present time patients documentation is not available to view via the Access system. Any consultation you may have had with a clinician which has a document attached to it, eg a sick certificate, referral letter, clinic letter from a consultant, will show as an empty consultation. In the future the Department of Health may change this but currently no documents are available for patients to view on line.


You will be able to see your immunisation history and be able to print this out. This may be useful for you to take to schools, universities etc or to keep for your personal records.


Your current and repeat medications will be visible and you will be able to request a repeat prescription as usual.

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