COVID Vaccine/ Booster programme IMPORTANT UPDATE!

Latest COVID Booster Vaccination update 

The booster will be offered in order of descending age groups, with priority given to the vaccination of older adults and those in a COVID-19 at-risk group. In response to the changing risk posed by the Omicron variant, the booster will now be given no sooner than 3 months after the primary course.

The NHS is doing about 2.5 million boosters a week on average at the moment. At that rate it will take three months to vaccinate all those eligible. Increasingly that will not be easy. About 50 mass vaccination centres have closed since the Spring. Many GPs have also stepped back to concentrate on flu jabs and their day-to-day work. It means the solution is likely to lie in extending the opening hours of current vaccination clinics late into the evenings and relying on bringing in extra staff and volunteers to help.

As a group of Winchester practices we remain committed to keeping our COVID Vaccination hub open. This is despite the significant pressure on our Practices at present. (Please note that Winchester is up there with the highest uptake percentage across the different eligible groups and number of vaccines administered in comparison to local and national statistics).

PLEASE DO NOT PHONE THE PRACTICE TO CHASE YOUR BOOSTER APPOINTMENT. YOU WILL BE INVITED BY SMS TEXT MESSAGE IN CLINICAL RISK ORDER ABOVE AND WHEN WE HAVE CAPACITY. You are more than welcome to try 119 (the National booking service) to see if there are any earlier appointments but they will not offer you our Winchester site. 

The Winchester City PCN will continue to deliver our vaccine programme from the Badger Farm Community Centre.

Booster vaccines

All patients aged 40 or above and some patients with certain medical conditions will be due a booster vaccine 5 months and 1 day post their second COVID vaccine.

Please be aware that if you attend the vaccine centre for a booked appointment but, are not eligible, not at least 5 months post your second vaccine or have had COVID in the last 28 days you will be turned away. We aim to complete the booster vaccines for anyone aged 40 or above by mid January 2022 at the latest.

People who are Immunosuppressed

These patient’s will be contacted by practices, or via a letter from the hospital. They will normally require a 3rd dose of Pfizer Covid vaccine to complete the primary course and will then need a booster dose 3 months after the 3rd dose.

These vaccinations can be given booked via the practice or via another local vaccination centre by calling 119.  If you feel you may be classed as immunosuppressed but, have not heard from the practice please complete and EConsult on the homepage of our website and then the practice will look into this for you and then be in contact.

Children aged 12 – 15 without any underlying heath conditions

This group will now be offered two doses of the Pfizer Covid vaccination 12 weeks a part.  The first vaccine was offered by the school nursing programme with anyone who missed out at school able to call 119 or book to have at the vaccine centre through the practice.  We are awaiting further guidance on who will be administering the second vaccines as yet, as soon as we have more information we will update this page.

Children aged 12 – 15 who have an underlying health condition that puts them at greater risk or a child in this age group who lives in the household of someone who is Immunocompromised

They will be offered 2 doses of Pfizer Covid vaccine with a minimum gap of 8 weeks.  This vaccination will need to be delivered via the Practice at the Badger Farm Community Centre.

People aged 16 and 17 without any underlying health conditions

They will NOW be offered 2 doses of the Pfizer Covid vaccine unless they are aged 17 ¾ or older who should have already been offered 2 doses of the Pfizer Covid vaccine with a minimum gap of 8 weeks between the doses.  These vaccinations can be booked via the practice or at other local vaccination centres via 119. The gap between these vaccines extends to 12 weeks if the patient has COVID in the period between their first and second vaccine.

Pregnant women

They will be offered 2 doses of an approved Covid vaccine with a minimum gap of 8 weeks between doses. These vaccinations can be booked via the practice or via another local vaccination centre by calling 119.

Children aged 11 and less

Currently in this country there is not a licenced Covid vaccine for children in this age group and therefore this is not available.

First & Second vaccines

The practice is of course able to see any patients due a first or second COVID vaccine and these appointments can also be booked by calling the practice.

Please be aware we DO NOT operate a walk in service and you must have an appointment to attend the vaccine centre.

More information about the vaccine, side effects, etc please refer to