Dr Wright leaving the practice

After 31 years as a GP at Friarsgate , I am writing this to inform my patients that I shall be retiring on 31st March 2024.

It is with mixed feelings that I write this, as I have enjoyed my time as a GP here so much.

I have been fortunate to work with a truly amazing team over the last 3 decades and I shall miss my colleagues tremendously. They all work so hard to provide the best quality care possible, in an increasingly difficult environment.

However, it is my patients, I shall miss the most.

It really has been a privilege to look after you, I feel we have shared a lot of life events over the years, and I continue to get joy out of trying to help you as best I can.

I have spent over half my life working here so it will be a wrench to leave, but it’s the right time for me to move on.

 I am very pleased to say that I know my patients will be in great hands. Dr Helen Thomas, who has been working with us for almost 2 years, will be your new GP.  She is an excellent, empathic GP –  I should know as I helped to train her!

I shall still be in Winchester , so if you spot me, do come over and tell me your news.

As many of you know, my passion is helping people to stay healthy and fit , this is something that I am going to continue developing in my retirement.

You could always come and join my walking group!

We meet at the Nutshell in Kings Walk on a Wednesday at 9.15am and walk for an hour, mainly on the flat. Turn up at 9.10 so I can register you.

I am hoping to do some work around aging well and increasing ‘healthspan’,  rather than just just lifespan, when I retire.

 These are my tips for a healthy and happy life.


·         Get outdoors everyday

·         Move more and stay physically active

·         Stay connected to people,  rather than devices

·         Eat real food, rather than convenience or ultra-processed food

·         Find a purpose 

 With my very best wishes and thank you for helping me have such a fulfilling career,


Niki Wright